Integrated Building Management System (IBMS), Industrial Automation System and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

image002.jpgCredo Trading installs, integrates and maintains the systems that help keep your facility safe, secure, comfortable, and productive and energy efficient.

As a global company, Credo Trading designs and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges linked to global macro trends, such as energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity.

At Credo Trading address these challenges specifically within the building environment. Our focus is installing, integrating and maintaining the systems that keep your facility safe, secure, comfortable, and productive and energy efficient. Credo Trading also a global leader in energy services, working with organizations to conserve energy, optimize building operations and leverage renewable energy sources. Credo Trading can help you with:

  • Energy efficiency, security and reliability
  • Sustainability
  • Smart grid
  • Micro grid and on-site power generation
  • Integrated security
  • Building controls, automation and management
  • System service, maintenance and optimization
  • Smart buildings




The wide demand that arose in Qatar regarding Generators had led us to establish and develop the supply of Generators in all aspects, all the components which are needed to build our products are studied, planned and tested of all the necessary gears required, involving the engine and the alternator.

The direct relationship with engine and alternator producers allows a close technical/business cooperation which enables us to have specifically designed products for the uses we require. The experience and the professional competence of our staff have made it possible to supply generating sets according to the enquiries received which provides our clients with the quality, performances and competitively they are striving for. The technical evolution of every single component is now designed and projected together with the most prestigious engine and alternator producers, by strengthening the prestige of our company.

We have been concluding special supply and transport agreements with the engine and alternator producers in the various countries that is to say that our warehouses are also used for stocking components for other producers in this field. The high volume of material we manage allows us to offer a bigger availability of components and, in this way, we can satisfy the highest number of requests with quick delivery times which would be otherwise impossible.

Our teams are able to provide the precise calculations & designs desired, and later on conduct electro-mechanical installation & the testing and commissioning required.


Cables (Structural cables, Network Cables & field Device Cables)



Credo Trading products encompass the complete spectrum of Building control, Life safety and Security solutions available in the market place today. The backbone for these systems is wire and cable. Often overlooked in importance, the selection of the correct cable of the appropriate application and environment is critical to the success of the system, high levels of customer satisfaction and maximized profits for your company


Metering Solutions (BTU’s, KWM, etc.)


The more you know about energy usage from specific equipment, areas or tenants, the more you can look for energy-saving opportunities or provide tenant-specific billing. Sub metering allows facility managers to track energy costs by area, department, tenant and an individual piece of equipment when used with a building management system (BMS). The information can be used for creating an overall energy-savings plan, allocating costs and more. Honeywell sub meters provides instant information right at the installed location and work seamlessly with other controllers so compatibility with the BMS is never an issue.


Industrial and Building Management Field Devices.

When you specify one of the above stated field devices, you’re choosing more than exceptional products. You’re choosing the industry’s most comprehensive line of valves, actuators, dampers, sensors, economizers, variable frequency drives and temperature controls.


Shelter System Components


Credo Trading is the competent specialist in shelter technology with a range of products, large and small shelters are ventilated and successfully protected against many threats and endangerments.


Information Technology:


1. Structured Cabling for Voice, Data and Video


The structured cabling system is a combination of cabling and connectivity products that integrates the voice, data and video communication systems of a particular building.Credo Trading offers full service VOICE, DATA, and VIDEO structured cabling design and turn-key installations, and Fiber Optic cabling. Credo Trading provide technologically advanced cabling solutions.


2. Data Networking


We offer network point installations, repairs, relocations/migrations and cabinet clean ups


3. Wireless LAN


Our range of CableFree wireless network services and products contains the industries latest technologies to ensure you have the very best Wireless LAN available.  Customers that follow our design and implementation processes enjoy excellence of wireless coverage throughout the life of the network.


4. Telephony: PABX Systems and IP Telephony


Credo Trading delivers an all-in-one, unified application suite to manage business communications on a single platform. Using IP PBX software, we deliver much more than simple dial-tone or instant messaging. We’re talking IP telephony applications your entire organization can use to communicate, collaborate, and streamline business processes.




1. Guest Room Automation


 From doors, lights, AC, curtains, to drapes, Credo Trading provides a complete automation solution for the hospitality industry. By uniting systems that were once disparate, Credo Trading delivers operational efficiencies for hotels and a personalized, five-star stay for their guests.


2. Hotel Interactive Television & Video-on-Demand


With its innovative architecture and usage of the most advanced technologies of streaming media, Credo Trading offers a variety of services, including Video On Demand, free and pay per view television, Internet and e-mail access as well as hotel interactive services, creating a unique infotainment experience for your guests.


3. Hotel Door Locks, Mini Bars & Room Safes


Credo Trading offers a range of guest room amenities. Products range from Hotel Door Locks, Mini Bars and Room Safes.



1. CCTV and Surveillance Systems


Credo Trading provides a state-of-the-art security systems that are custom designed to prevent any unauthorized access and monitor critical entry points. Our core expertise is based on rendering security systems that protect you and your assets at all times. Whether it is a small or large project, Credo Trading has done it all! Our team of highly skilled and talented engineers, technicians, programmers, design and develop automated systems and softwares that keep you safe at all times. Our lineup of custom designed products include electronic security cameras, wireless security system, CCTV dome cameras and CCTV surveillance cameras.


2. Access Control Systems


Credo Trading are engaged in offering a wide range of access control systems that are extensively used in corporate houses and government offices. Our range of access control system include electromagnetic lock, multiple door access control readers, door access control system, multiple door access controller, plastic metal exit switch, single door access control and others.

These access control security systems are designed for security purposes and sourced from reputed vendors of the market. Available at most affordable rates, our range of access control system is safe and durable to use.


3. Integrated Security Management Systems


Designing an effective security system starts with understanding the risks and vulnerabilities your premises face. At Credo Trading we conduct a thorough risk assessment and design a security system that addresses your unique challenges.

Our integrative approach to your security infrastructure enables all your security systems to connect to each other to provide a flow of useful information from one system to another. A connected system over a single IP network with a common interface allows you to use your system to its maximum benefit in powerful and innovative ways while minimizing the total cost of ownership.


4. Physical Security


Our expertise in physical Security includes Barriers, Road Blockers, Bollards, Turnstiles and speed gates. A full research, design and development team is able to assist Credo Trading clients from project conception to the final on-site installation phase.


Parking Systems:


1. Parking Management Systems


Car Parking Management System is a flexible system that we at Credo Trading can install in small, medium, and large-scale parking lots for shopping centers, hospitals, schools, apartments, government buildings, etc. It is capable of collecting parking fees, controlling vehicle’s entry and exit, transferring data from parking lot to host computer which enables easy collection, print-outs, analysis of data, and smooth surveillance.

2. Parking Guidance Systems


Credo Trading is a leading distributor and installer of technology-driven parking guidance and space administration products. We provide the most accurate and advanced sensor technology in the world.


Audio Visual Systems:


1. Conference Rooms, Ball Rooms, Auditoriums


 Credo Trading offers product solutions for formal conference rooms, Ball Rooms and Auditoriums areas alike, with an emphasis on fostering collaboration and supporting technology to create an inspiring and productive space to share ideas.

2. Back Ground Music / Public Address Systems


A Background Music System in a commercial environment is a music playback system that plays continuous background music, normally via a distributed public address audio system. It may include an element of zoning so volume levels are suitable for each area or zone of an environment.

A public address system is one that allows a single user or group of users to address a larger public number of people with the use of a microphone (or other audio source), a mixer, amplifier and loudspeakers typically in a venue or building.

Credo Trading are experts with commercial background music systems and Public Address Systems, we can advise, design, supply and support in this challenging area.

3. Discussion & Voting Systems


Credo Trading provides voting systems that are a versatile tool and can help you create more engaging events. You can engage an audience with questions and display responses in real-time. You can evaluate learning as you go and gather feedback instantly. You can even adapt presentations and training dynamically – giving your audience exactly what they want.

4. Simultaneous Interpretation Systems


We at Credo Trading supply Simultaneous Interpretation Systems throughout Qatar, Every system is designed to suit each customer’s specific needs.

Giving you top quality state-of-the-art Simultaneous Interpretation System, it includes analog and fully digital, wired and hassle free wireless installations for easy setup and re-arrangement of the wireless discussion units at the very last minute, operator controlled user friendly software for SIS-CDS operation which also allows the technician to identify the delegates and their seating arrangement.

5. Home Theaters & Private Cinemas


We believe that a great home theater is more than just a giant screen and spectacular sound. It is also an artful mix of architecture, furnishings, lighting, and acoustics that creates an unmistakable environment.

Our team of highly skilled and talented engineers, technicians, programmers, will design and install the most attractive and yet with high performance systems in order for you to have unforgettable experiences.

6. Audio Systems


The days of a sound system being just a sound system are long gone!

Credo Trading provides world class components from audio systems, speakers to surround sound systems. Our engineers collaborate with each client in order to design an audio system that meets your demands.

7. Master Antenna Television System


Credo Trading solves the challenge of TV distribution in hotels, multi-dwelling apartments, and premium estates. Our MATV sytem eliminates the need for multiple antennas and satellite dishes which defaces so many multi-apartment buildings. We achieve this by providing a central antenna or dish from which all tenants can receive quality signals whilst retaining complete control of receivers. Most of all, we can integrate our services with other services like HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.

8. Electronic Dynamic Signage


We provide Dynamic Digital Signs for any entity who needs to modernize their facility, improve marketing, display variable information, improve customer service and upgrade communications. With a full range of products from indoor and outdoor LED menu boards, to LED mesh, outdoor LED billboard signs, and digital building directories we can assist you

9. Projection Systems


Credo Trading provides complete presentation solutions and specialized consultancy services for the integration of high performance presentation equipment into conference rooms, training rooms, meeting rooms, etc., designed for providing world class conferences and Training sessions.


Automation and Controls:


1. Home Automation


 Enter your home and have the temperature set perfectly for your arrival? Have the lights go up as the sun goes down? Unlock a door via your smartphone? You bet! Credo Trading can help you bring your home to life with a customized solution that can work with your lifestyle and budget and grow with your changing needs.

Make the most of your home by taking control.

2. Lighting Control


 Businesses, schools and government facilities spend lot of money each month to light unoccupied rooms, offices, warehouses and more. Credo Trading Lighting Controls solutions offer smart scheduling, presence detection and photocells to ensure lights aren’t left burning in vacant areas and that lights are off in areas where there’s already plenty of natural light. It all adds up to truly significant energy savings.