For those that want something different when it comes to a wooden floor, we can provide beautifully designed Parquet flooring.

At Credo Trading We specialize in all types of parquet from reclaimed parquet to custom made parquet floors. 


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Carpets and Rugs:


  • Hand tufted Carpets and Rugs


Keeping the diverse requirements of the customers in mind, Credo Trading is engaged in providing superior quality assortment of modern and classic hand tufted carpets and rugs made by high quality material.


  • Machine tufted Carpets and Rugs


Looking for an additional option for your new high quality indoor carpets? Consider our machine tufted carpets. We provide magnificent wall-to-wall machine tufted carpets and area rugs. These carpets are a superb choice for a large order to fulfill your unique requirements. They are available in countless personalized colors and multiple materials to satisfy your imagination.


  • Hand knotted  Carpets and Rugs


 For a rug to be categorized as hand knotted rugs, it has to meet two requirements. One – it has to be knotted and second- the knotting has to be done by hand. Hand knotting process involves the stretching of warp threads on a loom followed by knotting of pile. The weft thread is then inserted. Later, the pile is shorn.

 At Credo Trading we provide Hand knotted carpets and Rugs on a bulk basis for our customers.


  • Axminster Carpets and Rugs:


Axminster Carpet performs as a superior woven carpet because each tuft is surrounded, locked and supported by nine backing yarns. As the weaves increase in density (tufts per square inch), more backing yarns are added making the supporting fabric stronger and more stable.There are many benefits to Axminster Carpet, beyond color and design choices.  Some of the other benefits include pattern clarity, ease of maintenance, and sound absorption.

Credo trading’s Axminster Carpets and Rugs will give your project the highest quality, luxurious carpet, with the greatest performance and value.


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